CATSafety is a cloud based site induction system for the Construction Industry. It facilitates pre-inductions, saving hundreds of hours on every project without diminishing the safety message.

CATSafety is simple to use for both Main Contractors and their Subcontractors. It has time and cost gains and gets the message across effectively.

The CATSafety cloud based site Induction system is available both as a module of the cloud based CATProjects or it can be operated as a stand alone system.

The induction can be accessed from a smart phone, tablet, computer, iPad or a MS Surface.

Subcontractors can do the induction in a time frame that suits them, creating a well received safety message which enhances viewer attention. Everyone is a winner.

Cloud Based Safety Induction Software


This system will save a main contractor 20-50 hours per month on every project. To do the math, click on the Savings Calculator and work out how many hours and how much money your company will save.

Subcontractors Can Do the Induction
in a Timeframe that Suits Them

Safety Inductions Overview



Builders create a site induction video that includes an OH&S message and relevant project site information then upload it to CATSafety.

An invitation to the cloud based site induction is then sent to the subcontractors primary contact who will in turn pass the relevant details to their operations team.

After filling in their on line safety profile (if a first time login) they will be directed to the site specific video. After watching the video and verifying their understanding the viewer receives a unique site induction number.

When a subcontractor arrives on site they check-in at the site office and provide their induction no. The main contractor verifies the induction number and checks photo id from their CATSafety Profile. If all is in order they are granted access to the site or asked to do the induction again from their phone.