Phil Brosnan
Managing Director

When we founded Brosnan Construction we were using email, spreadsheets and MYOB to manage our projects. Nine years ago we migrated to CAT and since then, we have created two more successful companies that form the Brosnan Group. I am in no doubt that, had we not made that transition, we would not be where we are today. I have no hesitation in recommending CAT Projects to anyone in the construction industry.


Intrec Logo

Steve Bragg
National Compliance Manager

INTREC Management had identified the CAT Software platform as a good fit for our Project Financials Management needs in 2016 and have been successfully running it now for the last 4 years. Our experience has been positive on all fronts. The software is intuitive and new users can quickly be brought up to speed. The permissions controls are strong giving us flexibility to provide view and access to any combination of users we need. We are benefiting from good API integration with our other key platforms in the business. The support experience has been first class. The CATs support team are accessible, knowledgeable and responsive.

Perhaps most importantly however has been CAT’s ability to support the aggressive growth of our company. INTREC Management has grown over 25% year over year for those 3 years we have had the platform, and the CAT’s suite has kept pace with us and seamlessly enable is to expand our operations.

INTREC Management is a 100% Australian Owned Construction company operating in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra. INTREC turns over more than $200 Million per annum and employs almost 200 Australians. INTREC provides Construction, Fitout and Refurbishment services to both Public and Private sectors including Australia’s top Universities.



Ben Gibbons
Commercial Manager

CAT Projects plays an extremely important role in the professional management and administration of our construction projects. The seamless integration of financial elements in to a highly detailed Committed Cost Report is the cornerstone for responsible financial management and accurate Cost to Complete projections. We can see the impact of all financial decisions in real time, that also allows us to make informed decisions on an on-going basis.

The “Purchasing, Site Diary, Subcontractor and Consultant tools” means our site teams are also saving time on site as well. We appreciate the great customer service from the Construction Software team who helped us to implement the system in to our company in very good time which caused little to no disruption to our operations. Contractors that are considering the use of CAT Projects are looking at the right product.

CATProjects and CATPlan have been a necessary and fantastic addition to the Ockham Construction operations.


Matt Poninghaus
Commercial Manager

I have personally reviewed in depth over half a dozen potential project & cost management software packages that are available in the Australian & NZ market. What I found was most of them did some things well, but none of them did all things well, and most of them are clunky, frustrating, and hard to use.

CAT Projects wraps up the fundamentals of contract administration, financial control & reporting, as well as communication & audit trails in an easy to use interface that just works. It does the simple things well and uses the latest cloud-based technology that is secure and can be accessed from anywhere. Coupled with Xero integration it was and is the perfect solution for our business and has made our construction lives easy.


James Ciurlionis
General Manager

CATProjects has made a huge difference to our business. We are now 100% paperless with purchase orders, packing slips, supplier invoices, progress claims and pretty much everything else. Financial performance of projects has improved thanks to CAT as the productivity of the Project Team has significantly increased.

Having all Project communication within one central hub (CAT) has cut down miscommunication, mistakes and re-work.


Franco Liebenberg
Operations Manager

Build Partners has been using CATProjects now for just over three years. The CAT team have been amazing in assisting us to experience a seamless transition into CAT Projects, and we have not looked back. CATProjects enables us to have a financial and operational overview of how our projects are tracking as they happen. This is due to the fact that all the financial elements of the project are captured live via a cloud based system. Everything from client communication, variations, purchase orders, subcontractor payments, daily diaries and more are all managed from one place.

We enjoy working with Paula and the CATProjects Team; they are solution driven and willing to take on changes for the better of an ongoing evolving market and client requirements.


Jenny Murphy
Business Manager

In 2017 I was tasked with the responsibility of identifying a construction software program that would suit our needs. Humphries Construction undertakes all construction activities including small residential alterations, large multi property development projects, to multi-million dollar commercial builds.

The features that we looked for were ongoing (local) support, a cloud-based system to ensure access at all times and for a tendering process, reasonably priced and easy to use for all of our staff (on-site and in the office.) After researching many products available, we narrowed the potential software down to four, which included CATProjects. CATProjects ticked all of our boxes and came out the clear winner. Read More...

The initial set up and transferring of our projects into the new system seemed overwhelming; but the CATProjects support staff assisted us through the process and were easy to communicate with. We had initial training and although we had some doubts that our staff would handle purchase orders and timekeeping via a tablet (rather than a paper system), they all found it extremely easy to use right from the start.

We are still in our first year of using the software and are still discovering (with delight) some of the functions. The ongoing support of the CAT team has proven to be excellent – they are always a pleasure to deal with. Using a cloud-based system has changed the way we do business and made us more efficient. We also use a lot less paper, which has fit with our sustainability and environmental policies.

I have no hesitation in recommending CAT software…


William Huo
Quantity Surveyor

Originally we were looking for a programme that can keep track of both daily site operations and financials, and CATProjects has far exceeded expectations for both aspects with it being an intuitive, easy to learn system that is backed by excellent training staff, and a prompt support team. The ability for CATProjects to be able to talk with Xero is another bonus as it keeps bookkeeping straightforward, and leaves little room for error. A programme is only as good as the information entered in so the accessibility of the programme was also an important focus for us when choosing between systems. The fact that is a cloud based system won us over as any licensed staff can add to the programme anywhere, whether it be onsite, at home or even overseas.


Nick Crawford
Commercial Manager

Bracewell implemented CATProjects software, to replace outdated and arduous spreadsheets and accounts software. We have now been using the software for 4 years and have found that it meets our needs excellently. We find the system easy and fast to use, requiring little training. The key benefits to our accounts and QS team include: –

  • Vast improvement to our processes for preparing variations, payment cliams and paying subcontractors.
  • Detail project cost and profit forecast reporting is a great assistance to the management of our projects
  • As CATProjects is cloud based the system is accessable from any computor or location
  • The electronic approval of invoices and subcontractor payments provides efficiency to our payment authority process

In additions to the contract administration and accounting modules, our project and site managers have very quickly addapted to using the software for site diaries and communication with our clients, consultants and subcontractors. Our clients are pleased with the format of communication, schedules and other project documentation that are so easy to produce.

We are pleased with our decision to proceed with CATProjects, and recommend the software to other contractors.


Mark Welch
Profile Construction Ltd

We made the move to CATProjects four years ago and the benefits were apparent from day one. These include:

  • Cloud based software enabling access from any device anytime, anywhere
  • Becoming paperless. CAT has enabled us to get rid of paper based invoicing (debtor and creditor) and timesheets.
  • Seamless linking with Moneyworks, our accounting software
  • Online approval of invoices means faster processing and no invoices going missing
  • Daily diaries recording all activities on site
  • Getting all information on a project in one location accessible by all staff. No more time spent tracking down details of variations, claims, costs etc from different locations on the server.

We would highly recommend CATProjects to any subcontractor. It is written for Construction people by construction people.


Stephen Jones
Commercial Manager

The use of the CATPlan and CATProjects has enabled Canam to increase our consistency throughout the Group and has significantly improved efficiencies in both our Estimating and Operations departments.

The use of CATPlan Document Management System enables Canam to issue Tender Documentation to several Subcontractors simultaneously and manage the overall tender process with greater efficiency. The ability to include both Consultants and Subcontractors means that all parties have easy access to ‘real time’ construction documentation and the time that it takes for our teams to distribute documents between the various parties has significantly reduced.  Read More...

One of the major benefits of CATProjects is the ability for Canam to internally manage the majority of the functions, including adding user access, communication types, standard templates etc. This enables Canam to instantly update the system to keep up with individual project requirements.

We have found the response times from the CATSupport Team to be exceptional and the guidance offered is extremely user friendly.

The CATCloud Suite has become an integral part of our overall Quality Assurance Policy and we would have no hesitation in recommending these systems to other companies that operate in the Construction Industry..


Roger Pintor
Managing Director

CATProjects has provided our start-up venture with an affordable, comprehensive and centralised operating system. It is easy to learn and navigate the selection of modules that consist of relevant construction management tools and provides all levels of our staff with functional and time saving processes.

The added value of being Cloud based meant keeping our start-up costs down (by not having to source or invest in additional IT services or servers etc) and that all information accessed is live, regardless of where we log in from. This also allows our operations team to perform all of their duties from the field.

Documents that are generated from CATProjects incorporates our branding and allows us to produce a professional image when communicating electronically with clients and suppliers. Reports that collate data from various modules, enables us to make informed decisions to maximise our efficiency and profitability. Read More...

The days of critical information being stored in an individual employee’s email account, personal diary or in their heads for that matter are gone! Should any of our staff be unable to attend work or cannot be reached for whatever reason, interruption to our business will be minimal, as all relevant project information has been documented daily and can be accessed by authorised staff.

Above all, the support available to our staff is second to none and has provided our staff with the confidence to use this system from day one of their employment, with minimal training and to learn as they go. We highly recommend the team at CATProjects.


Tamati Parker

When setting up our business, we were looking for a simple, intuitive, integrated and most importantly cloud based project management system. After reviewing multiple options, CAT Projects stood out as the most suitable. The ease of access from any device, anywhere, at any time makes this system so user friendly. Also, the user interface is so simple and intuitive, it just makes sense.

The fact that this system was designed by people with a background in construction really does show through. The decision to go with CAT Projects was definitely the right call, it’s just a no brainer.


HRS Construction

Andrew Marshall

We switched over to CATProjects from MultiCAT in March 2016 and, although similar, we have found the cloud based system more effective and efficient. The ability to run all our contract administration and communication through one programme, and accessed from any device, is invaluable. The document storage facilities and ability to access historical communications within CATProjects has also allowed us to do away with a large amount of our hard copy filing, saving us time, money and space. Communication with, and support from CAT is always provided to a very high standard allowing us to better understand and use the software as we progress. We would highly recommend this product to any potential customers. Read More...

HRS Construction is a Christchurch based mid-sized traditional commercial construction company. We found out about CAT following search for a document control system for our business. In this search CAT appeared and following our first online demonstration we were sold. In the office the transition from our old but still functioning system to CAT was at times challenging but now we would not be without it. Site acceptance and buy in from operations staff to the system was amazing.

We employ 15 Site Managers who now administrate their projects from lap tops and get real time financial reporting on their projects. This fact and record keeping aspects of the system have empowered our Supervisors more than I ever imagined. Following the events September 2010 and February 2011 CAT handled our rapid increase in new projects with ease when we went from 100 projects a year to 100 in a month. We have been very well supported throughout the introduction of the system by CAT’s excellent support staff. We would no hesitation on recommending CAT to other main contractors.


W Hamilton Building Ltd

Karen Hamilton
Office Manager

We have been using CATProjects software for approximately 6 years now after doing considerable research into which construction software would be the best fit for our medium sized building company. The system had also come highly recommended from colleagues in Auckland, running a substantial sized firm with relies heavily on this project management software.

Once our decision had been made, the support in getting set up, the actual change over of systems and the post conversion was (and continues to be) excellent. From a project management perspective, CATProjects is making a huge difference in tracking projects through all stages from initial leads to completion and most importantly, all the bits in between! Read More...

The reporting is great and very detailed. Being cloud based is a major factor for us. This enable all parties to be current on all projects. While we have not yet moved to site staff using the application, we are looking forward to this second stage of our project being undertaken in a few months and can see huge potential for us in taking this next step. We are certainly more than happy with our purchase of CATProjects and while we still have much to learn, the ongoing support of Paula and the team make this process as seamless as possible.


CAPRI Construction

Bryan Symes
Managing Director

We have been using CATProjects for just over 5 years, CATProjects has enabled Capri Construction to operate with a higher level of professionalism for very little capital expenditure, we now have our companies information at our finger tips 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world.

The information and system is accurate and very user friendly. The CAT support staff are very helpful and knowledgeable, nothing too big or small.



Steve Morris

A ‘key’ component to Aspec Construction’s successful management of these projects is the ability to send, receive and manage project information.  We rely on CATProjects to manage this process with the added security of the information being stored in one database on the Cloud.  CATProjects being web based makes it easily accessible to the project team wherever the site location and whatever the device being used.

We have received positive feedback from consultants also expressing the same views.  Having a reference number makes it easy to respond to queries especially when searching through emails.  Notwithstanding this, the reporting side of CAT Projects enables both Aspec and the consultant team to identify early, any outstanding issues so they can be addressed before impacting on the projects programme.

Directors and senior management have quick, easy and transparent access to project information.  This enables projects to be quickly and efficiently overviewed as and when required to ensure both client, consultant and Aspec staff KPI’s are being met. CAT Projects is a “one stop shop” for Aspec Construction administration functions.



Lloyd Group
Dustin Lloyd

Lloyd Group has been a proud user of CAT Software from 2008 onwards which has enabled our company to grow 15-20% on average per year by revenue. During this time we have experienced considerable increases in both in the the number of staff using CAT Software and in the size and complexities of projects being delivered. Throughout this CAT Software has not only met the demands of our operating requirements but has also facilitated the ability of our company to grow with the confidence that our Project Management Software can deliver a competitively priced, user friendly and highly efficient operating solutions.

In late 2014 we made a decision to “upgrade” to an integrated construction industry solution using one of the commonly known “big company” operating systems. This was a decision we deeply regret both from an operating / administration and financial perspective. After 6 months of frustration caused by poor documentation, an unacceptably slow operating speed and over complicated administration procedures we gladly returned to the CAT Community and to the new CATProjects cloud based platform. Read More...

Since our conversion to CATProjects our Operations staff have reported a 25% efficiency gain in their administration and our clients have made many favourable comments on the layout and professional presentation of company branded output reports and project documentation.

In 2020 our company will consist of 45 direct employees in Victoria and NSW many of whom utilise CATProjects on a daily basis. Combined with an API through to Xero accounting I can confidently say that based on its current performance within our business CATProjects will continue to service our needs long into the future.


Aged Care Developments

Jesse Selby-Hele
Project Manager

We recently decided to move to a “cloud based” program and after doing our research decided on CATProjects. Despite being new to cloud based construction software we have found the process as easy as we could possibly expect, really solidifying our project management requirements. Being able to access the system from multiple avenues, and from any device, anywhere, has so many advantages.

We are noticing a big difference in seamlessly tracking projects from multiple avenues – leads, budgets, tenders, contracting, orders, payments, etc, right through to completion. With several job sites it keeps project specific information at hand for our site managers and other authorised personnel at head office. Site managers can also download various documents which are required on site – insurance certificates, police checks, OHS information, etc. Having everyone being able to track exactly where each project is at any time is a great advantage. Read More...

CATProjects makes a huge difference in doing this through all stages by multiple users at any given time. Everyone is aware of where projects are at by being connected to the one system, with all our documents being standardised. There is great support from the CAT team, especially during set up with our questions answered swiftly, and the CATCommunity suggestions and news feed articles via email are a great way to learn more about how we could use CATProjects to our advantage, based on others experiences. Though still in the early stages we can see how much more cost-effective we can be in almost all areas of our construction business. We would highly recommend CATProjects to anyone in the construction industry.


NZ Strong Construction Limited

Anna Brealey
Finance Manager

We have used CAT software at NZ Strong Construction for 15 years and were one of the first to switch to the CAT Cloud software in June 2014. The CAT System was previously good but the cloud format has taken it to a whole new level.

From an accounting perspective we now operate a paperless office with all invoices uploaded to the system making them fully accessible to the project team at all times. No more excuses for slow approval of invoices and claims. In addition the interface between CAT Projects and Money Works is seamless.

CAT Projects also allows upload of all critical documents such as subcontracts, head contract, H &S documents, insurance certificates, communications – basically every piece of information relating to the project. This means any authorised person can retrieve the required information at anytime from anywhere as long as they have an internet connection.

The system has a good on-line help system which is very easy to find your way round and we have found that the CATS team have responded promptly to the few issues or questions that we haven’t been able to solve by checking in the manual. We are very happy with CAT Projects and Money Works and would happily recommend the combination to other companies


PBS Group

Rob Semaan
Executive Chairman

The PBS Group of Companies is a multi-discipline group of commercial construction companies based in Suva, Fiji Islands with key strengths in resorts & hotels, healthcare, airports, marine & civil construction, concrete fabrication & installation.

Established in the early 90’s we quickly learned that the only practical solution to the challenges in building in the South Pacific was to take control of many of the most critical elements in the building process by bringing them in-house either through organic growth or acquisition. Today, the PBS Group is Fiji’s largest builder with just under 1,000 personnel.

With the tremendous growth we’ve seen over the last decade in particular, we needed a comprehensive construction software solution to enable us to document and control all elements of our business from estimating a new potential project to the end of the defects liability period of a recently completed project. CATProjects has enabled us to achieve this in a practical, timely and cost effective manner providing our teams time to focus on finding new work and delivering top quality work in the field instead of the worrying about how to create ever changing systems, procedures and policies to administer and manage it all. Read More...

We especially like that CAT Projects integrates and works in conjunction with MoneyWorks for finance and GCT for payroll, which we use in our Finance and HR Departments respectively. Finance and HR have been significantly streamlined eliminating a duplication of resources and workload; no double entries as data flows freely from CATProjects to MoneyWorks and GCT.

The whole CAT support team are readily available and more accommodating than any other software provider we have dealt with in the past. We have no hesitation in recommending CATProjects to other major contractors.



Steve Morris

Since implementing CATPlan back in 2007, Aspec have been able to streamline how we issue tender documents to our subcontractors both quickly and accurately.

CATPlan has taken the hassle out of sending our subcontractor tender documents and communication with subcontractors during the tender process (ie: Notifications, Notice to Tenderers etc), thus streamlining the process and saving us valuable time and money. We have benefited since its implementation with reduced staff costs, paper and photocopying costs and postage costs. It has eliminated any discrepancies with subcontractors over missing tender documentation and has enabled estimators to process and price more opportunities. Read More...

CATPlan has allowed our Construction Management and Quantity Surveying Cadets to be productive with their cadet training rather that driving a photocopier for endless hours, compiling subcontract packages and posting out thousands of envelopes, as projects can be uploaded by an office administrator in a fraction of the time. It has made something that was difficult and time consuming very simple and easy and we have never looked back.



Marc Masci
Managing Director

The ability to run sites live, by multiple users at any given time ensures that everyone is up to date, and facilitates the smooth running of the projects. A one-stop shop from start to finish; with on going “real life” support from CATCloud’s head office. Plus let’s not forget Cody who is a favourite of our girls in the office! The Ask Cody area walks you through step by step each module, including screen shots so you know exactly what and where you need to go to get things done.

With the function of the double approval system, Management can always be abreast of what is being done without being inundated with the minute details. Having said that, with a few clicks, they can hone in on anything.

Implementing systems and procedures can be a tedious and time-consuming process as until they have been perfected they are an organic idea. Rearranging, re-distributing and retraining can become tiresome and lose the interest of employees. The team at CATProjects has done the hard yards and put together this cloud software ready for use!



Jacques de Lange

We have formed a close alliance with the CAT Team. We use CAT Project Management, CAT Service Management and CAT Document Management through our various companies. CAT provides a flexible comprehensive package at a fraction of the cost of any competitor in the market. Format Group are very demanding in service requirements from service providers. CAT has always exceeded our requirements and responded in an excellent way to our ever growing requirements. Paula and the team are more flexible and accommodating than any other software provider we have dealt with. Good on the CAT Team for a job well done!

At Format, we have earned our place as a market leader in multi-branch corporate interior fit outs and tough building projects, by delivering outstanding results to our clients. We are the preferred contractor for major corporate brands and public institutions. We also provide for some individual clients, family trusts, and private schools. Our interiors and building divisions are strongly supported by our joinery and maintenance divisions. This enables us to provide a total service.


ALINE Design and Build

Andrew Abercrombie
Kerikeri Branch Manager

Aline Builders have been successfully using CAT software as a Project Management Tool for several years and can recommend this as a system designed by experienced people with a practical and ‘hands on’ approach to the software development. CAT Project Management software is very applicable to the construction industry covering control from the initial customer enquiry, developing project budget, subcontractor tender invitations and right thru to contract completion.

The integration with the accounting programs makes it easy for the Administration staff to manage invoicing, GST and payment control. The reporting on project details, including committed costs, subcontractor control and client progress claims, simplifies and tracks project status at any time during construction. The CAT Support office also resolves any problems efficiently thru email or phone enquiry. CAT also regularly asks for input from within the industry so as to keep the system fine tuned in response to the industry requirements.


Mo Barzandeh
Commercial Manager

When setting up the business over 4 years ago, it was clear that a simple yet effective cost management and project management system was needed to meet the business needs. CATProjects was recognised in the industry already with key players adopting the system and providing feedback on its strengths.

Coming from a construction background of custom and complex business software being used, it was an easy comparison on how much administrative time and effort was being saved from day to day tasks. The reporting tools and the ability to integrate our cloud based accounting software to CATProjects has been invaluable as it creates easy exporting with hassle free accounts payable and receivable functionality.  We would recommend the system over any other in the market.