Getting Results for Your Business

Any project management software is a significant investment in cost and time regardless of whether it is an outright purchase or software as a service. It is important that you get a return on investment both in efficiency and cost savings. The CATCloud Advantage gives you better information for better decisions. Better decisions lead to more success and more profits for your business.


CATCloud protects the integrity of your data and provides audit trail on both documents and dollars.


The design and infrastructure makes use of the most advanced and stable data security and backup technology available today. Our infrastructure is actively managed and monitored.

Our infrastructure is located in ISO-27001 certified data centres.These facilities are protected by redundant network and power connectivity including battery backup and diesel generators.

Easy to Use

CATCloud Software is easy to use and powerful and It won’t restrict you as your business grows. We have many examples  that back up this claim.

You Only Imagined

The document management within CATProjects is cutting edge technology and is the best we have seen anywhere on the market. The ability to drag and drop responses into your documents and the manage email is really exceptional and unique.

Understanding Your Projects

Get a feeling and flavour for your projects not just the numbers.  The transparency of both documents and dollars within CATCloud Software provides a clear view of project information in real time.


CATCloud Software gives your team flexibility to deal with different types of projects and contracts. A lot of software makes you a slave to the system, CATCloud Software will be become your slave.

Project Management Performance

This is an important consideration, because there is some really poor performing project management software on the market. You need software that won’t bog down.

Seamless Accounting Interface

The cut off between accounting and job cost is clearly defined and almost exactly based on where you sit and the demarcation is approval.


CATCloud Software has been designed by construction people for construction people and is relevant to what you actually do from day to day.

Remote Access

CATCloud is cloud based, so it gives your team remote access from anywhere at any time without costly server infra-structure. All you need is access to the internet.

Lower Cost

There are a number of reasons that CATCloud will reduce your costs such as: –

  • No Infra-structure for remote access
  • Big reduction in administration time
  • Quicker access to information
  • Subs are inducted before they get to site
  • Trade letting stripped of administration
  • Increased productivity, staff off the payroll
  • Electronic signatures minimise follow up
  • You pick the modules you want
  • You only pay for what you use
  • Transparent charges, no hidden extras