CATCheckpoint – Main Contractors

What is CATCheckpoint?

CATCheckpoint is a defect identification and remedial management system for construction projects. There is a commercial and residential version so no job is too small or too big therefore practical and affordable for any size of project, and any size of company.

Why CATCheckpoint?

Defects identification and remedial management are a serious problem for most construction projects worldwide whether it’s a house or a high rise. The time and cost impact on main contractors, consultants and subcontractors is high and typically there is no budget or if there is, it is unrealistic. Remedial management is a cost overrun on most projects for all parties and an on-going source of aggravation.

We appreciate that a vast amount of time gets caught up in remedial management and CATCheckpoint is designed to minimise that time commitment. Notifications up and down the chain ensure re-inspections are no longer completed without confirmation from the contractors first. Progress and performance can be monitored from the comfort of your desk, no more wasted time checking incomplete works.

If remedial management was priced into a tender then a job would never be won

Software is only as good as the practical and hands on knowledge of the people who designed it. This system was designed by construction professionals who have documented thousands of defects and are experts with the challenges of getting contractors to finish remedial work. This tool strips hundreds of hours from an arduous administration process.

About CATCheckpoint

The master web-based system has an Android phone companion that allows you to identify and update defects from site. The web system gives you reports, analysis, detail and updates. It’s awesome as it allows you to know where all actions are at a glance from the comfort of your desk.

Practical and affordable for any size of project and any size of company

Setting up a new project is as simple as defining the project location structure and assigning list types, the hard work of defect list compilation has been done for the typical items as sadly it does not change that much from job to job, it could be said that it is tediously repetitive.

The contractual relationship between a main contractor and their subcontractors is respected so inspections generated by the main contractor remain private. There is no potential for direct communication with a subcontractor by anyone other than the main contractor.

Once you have completed an inspection notify the subcontractor, this tells them how many defects you have identified and when you require remedial works to be completed. Now sit back and relax and monitor the subcontractors progress from the comfort of your desk. Once they send confirmation that they are complete a re-inspection can be organised. You can track any additional inspections and on charge if appropriate. Other functions include:-

  • adding a note or requesting clarification
  • updating the remedial status on the fly from your phone
  • notifying the subcontractor when all defects have been re-inspected
  • view the subcontractors performance statistics including turnaround time (a powerful tool for future work discussions)

Re-Inspect & Update Status

Update the status as you reinspect on the fly from your phone. The subcontractors can upload a photo of the completed remedial work to save you going back for a look, handy.

Communication between the Parties

Create a notification to the consultants or the subcontractors whether its one to one or one to many.  Each recipient can reply to a communication that they are included in and privacy is maintained with your recipients as they can only see conversations that are relevant. This is a great feature and keeps all communication relating to Remedial Management in the same place and appropriately confidential (or not).

CATCheckpoint Points of Difference

  • Designed by construction professionals who have years of practical experience with defect management.
  • Adding a new project is simple and takes a few minutes including assigning the relevant lists
  • Pick-list compilation has been done for you so that there is minimal typing required
  • Defects recording is quick, minimal typing required
  • Phone App so you can add and update from the site
  • Consultants, Main Contractors and Subcontractors can all use the same system. No more endless manual lists
  • The relationship between the Main Contractor and their Subcontractors is respected
  • Branding for all email communication is excellent, use a project logo or your own brand
  • Pricing is scalable to suit any size of project and any size of business regardless of discipline
  • Reporting is excellent with a large range available from remedial lists to performance statistics
  • Monitor contractor progress and performance
  • Data management is flexible and reports and screens can be filtered to your own requirements
  • Audit trail for all actions
  • Notifications to relevant parties of all updates
  • Manage communication between all the parties
  • CATCheckpoint looks great and is user friendly

CATCheckpoint gives you a real point of difference. This system demonstrates your commitment to quality . Give the client read only access if relevant.

Gain an insight into recurring issues so that preventative measures can be put in place. Measure the quality of the performance of contractors and subcontractors including their average turnaround time.