CATCheckpoint – Consultants

CAT Checkpoint is an inspection and remedial management system for construction projects that utilises the Web and Mobile Phones. CAT Checkpoint is practical and affordable for any size of project and any size of company and provides full audit trail.

A new inspection is created by entering the inspection name and the date you require all remedial work to be completed by. At the top of each screen there is a filter panel showing the inspection type, location and area. This information holds until you change it, allowing you to quickly enter multiple defects for an area without having to repeat the same information.

There are three compulsory fields which are element (wall, ceiling, floor etc), position and description. Select a defect item from the comprehensive list for that element. If the Build Sets have been set up well then you should be able to get through an inspection with little or no typing. Add a photo where clarification is required, Photos are instantly part of the record if using the Phone App. No need to save, rename and upload. There is also a note field if you need to add additional information. Other functions include:-

  • adding a note or requesting clarification
  • creating and responding to a notification
  • updating the remedial status on the fly from your phone
  • notify the main contractor when inspections are complete
  • view the main contractors performance stats including turnaround time

Notify Contractors about Inspections

Once you have completed an inspection notify the contractor, this tells them how many defects you have identified and when you require defects to be completed. Now sit back and relax and monitor the contractors progress from the comfort of your desk. Once they send you confirmation that they are completed a re-inspection can be organised and you can track any additional inspections and on charge where relevant.

Software is only as good as the practical and hands on knowledge of the people who designed it. This system was designed by construction professionals who have documented thousands of defects and are experts with this task and the challenges of getting contractors to finish remedial work. This tool strips thousands of hours from an arduous administration process. The CAT point of difference is our construction knowledge and experience.