Commercial Construction

CAT Checkpoint is perfect for commercial construction and is exceptionally good for apartments. It has an Android companion for speed of site entry. CAT Checkpoint has been scoped and designed by construction people who have an in-depth understanding in managing this process. We appreciate that a vast amount of time gets caught up in remedial work management and CAT Checkpoint is designed to minimise that time commitment. If remedial management was priced into a tender then a job would never be won.

Key Reasons for a Main Contractor to use CATCheckpoint

  • No more re-inspections without confirmation first
  • Monitor subcontractor progress and performance from the comfort of your desk.
  • Checkpoint is practical and affordable for any size of project and any size of company
  • Invite consultants on to the project so the remedial process is consolidated for formal inspections
  • Assign Subcontractors to consultant and self generated lists
  • Add your brand to all email notifications or the project brand if preferred
  • Phone App for identifying inspections and easy update of remedial status
  • Monitor subcontractor progress and performance
  • Identify Subcontractors who are causing repetitive re-inspections
  • Quick project set up with relevant lists pre loaded ready for use
  • Export reports with your own criteria to pdf or excel

Project set up is simple and targeted, the hard work of list compilation has been done for all of the typical items as sadly it does not change that much from job to job, it is boringly repetitive. Define the project location structure (L1,2,3), add areas on the fly then assign a type (apartment, common area, service room) so that relevant information is in pick-lists and typing is minimised. Master lists can be added to and edited for project defaults. Really smart.

The contractual relationship between a main contractor and their subcontractors is respected. Inspections generated by a main contractor remain private with no direct communication with a subcontractor by others. Please take the time to review the flow chart to assess functionality, there is also a video on the website which provides more detailed information.