Powerful document management for the construction industry

CATPlan is a cloud-hosted document management system that makes construction document management straightforward while increasing workplace efficiency. By being able to store all your documents on one entity that you can access from anywhere, you can minimise the risk of errors and mishaps and share documents instantly with the project team.

Our document management software can be tailored to suit your specific needs, and it’s available for an affordable monthly fee, meaning you don’t need a significant capital investment to modernise your business. Find out how CATPlan makes construction document management straightforward by contacting our specialists today.

How our CATPlan document management software works

CATPlan can be used throughout every phase of the project process, including design, tendering, construction and after project maintenance, and you can just pay for the phases you need. With this advanced construction document management system, you can keep all your documents and project plans ordered, safe and easily accessible.

Design Phase

The Design module functions through three phases of the project and is primarily for the design consultants to load and manage documents and project notices between the design team and the main contractor. The design consultants never have direct access to the subcontractors.

Tender Phase

The tender phase is for the main contractor and their subcontractors. The tender module includes Invitations, Audit Trail, Notice to Tenderers and Subcontractor Price Collection. The tender phase strips the administration from the trade letting process.

Construction Phase

The Construction phase can be used standalone and includes Document Management and Project Notices. There is full audit trail on all actions from all parties. Documents loaded by consultants can be reviewed prior to release to the subcontractors.

Maintenance Phase

CATPlan is ideal for the maintenance phase of projects whether it is the defects liability period or standalone maintenance contracts. Minimise the risk of misplaced and out of date drawings. More importantly the operations team can access documents from a mobile device so information is always available.

Our construction document management solution allows you to manage access so you can protect your business and make sure all your documents remain up to date. You don’t need to take any risks with subcontractors working from superceded drawings due to human error thanks to CATPlan.

CATPlanWith tailored solutions available to suit any budget, CATPlan is the perfect document management solution for all construction firms, whether your projects are commercial, residential or industrial. If you want to find out more about CATPlan or our other products, we hope to hear from you. We’ll gladly let you know how we can streamline and automate many of your core business processes. A safe way to move large volumes or sizes of documents digitally.

Learn more about our document management system

CATPlan is a construction document management solution that virtually eliminates any risks with regards to the handling and maintenance of your project documents. Find out how it can increase efficiency in your Australia or New Zealand workplace while helping you save time, money and a lot of effort by calling our team.