Subcontractor Administration

The subcontractor module functionality includes:-

  • Written Communication (form, letter, email)
  • Variations (flexible and smart)
  • Progress Claims Preparation
  • Progress Claim Approval (2 approvals)
  • Group Notification (send to one or many subs)
  • Trade Letting Schedule
  • Module Admin

Module administration allows you to customise many functions to suit your way of doing things such as: –

  • Letter Templates (avoid repetition)
  • Document Acronyms
  • Variation Default Text
  • Progress Claim Title and References
  • Pick-lists and Data Defaults

The trade letting schedule is a great tool and plays a valuable role in laying the groundwork for extensions of time if the consultants cannot meet the finalised design dates for trade letting. This module is flexible with all claim history readily available.

Professional and compliant progress claims are quick and accurate and retentions are calculated for you.

This module is an excellent example of how combining traditionally good record keeping with the electronic age we now operate within, gets great results.

subcontractor administration - site instruction

Variations are in real time and are applied to the project forecast immediately that they are raised regardless of status. Your forecasting and job costing is always up to date and the best information on the day.

All variations are added to the subcontractors progress claim once a price is received so you can pay on an unapproved variation if applicable.

Send a group notification to one or many for things like meetings, program issue and claim deadlines.