Lead Management

The Lead Management module is great for tracking prospective work and managing the potential client relationship. When a lead emerges add the project and some brief information.

The lead management module is perfect for understanding where your leads are coming from and how to effectively target and convert these leads into paying customers.

This module will allow you to:-

  • Assign an Accountable Lead Manager
  • Assess the Project for Tender
  • Manage Follow Ups
  • Get a Reminder When Follow Up is Due
  • Monitor Conversion Rates
  • Gather Statistical Information
  • Create a Forecast of Forward Workload
  • Assign an Estimator
  • Start an Estimate
  • Manage Subcontractor Pricing if Relevant
  • Convert to a Live Job if Successful

Historical rates for different build types provide a broad brush forecast of forward work load and a cross check for estimating.

The module administration allows an administrator to set up standardised pick lists and defaults for: –

  • Lead Origins
  • Lead Note Subject
  • Build Types
  • Lead Stage
  • Historical Rates for Nominated Build Types