This module flows from lead management to estimating through to project confirmation, trade letting and budget establishment. Only ever enter data once.

create dynamic estimations for clients and project expenses

This module is really flexible. Use the price book, use a recipe or simply type your item.

Copy an estimate across from a similar project complete with all the items and rates but no quantities. Set up a template for Prelims to add into each new estimate.

The estimating module interfaces with CATPlan for those clients who are using CATPlan for managing the tender invitation process (optional).

This module includes: –

  • Price Book with Supplier Price Book Import
  • Recipe Builder which is Always Current
  • Subcontractor Pricing
  • Estimate Build Up
  • Margin at line item level, overall or both
  • Options Builder that offers great flexibility
  • Tender Presentation that is Professionally Branded
  • Update a price book item and have the comfort of knowing all your recipes will update accordingly.

Tender presentation allows you to present your submission in many different formats, so whether you want to present a lump, a breakdown by activity or full details we have you covered.

Submit one or many options with your tender or different options for different clients if that is relevant. When you are finished simply email it straight from CATProjects.