Accounts Processing

Accounts processing is all electronic with invoices never leaving the accounts department. Invoices can be part paid or in a situation where operations have rejected an invoice a credit request can be instantly generated and emailed to the creditor.

Under the old manual system of invoice approval, processing times were slow and invoices were at risk of going missing. Now, however, thanks to the effective CATProjects software, invoices are approved online for virtually instant processing with no chance of any invoices disappearing in the system.

Load the invoice against the order so the authorised approvers have access to all the information. See what Sandra from the accounts team has to say.


Invoice Generation

The accounts process within CATProjects is lean on admin and deletes the need for accounts staff to know operational details about your business.

This module includes functions for: –

  • Creditor Invoice Processing
  • Invoices with no Order
  • Schedule for a Quick Snapshot
  • Trouble Shoot Invoices
  • Debtor Invoice Overview
  • Export to Accounting

This module is another great example of the balance between traditional book keeping and the electronic age we now operate within.

If an invoice does not match a purchase order then accounts staff just add the variance and the person who is responsible for approving the invoice can either approve or reject it so the right people are making credit decisions.

Once an invoice has been approved electronically, it is pushed through to accounting for payment. There is the option of either one or two approvers for each invoice, you decide.

The accounts function becomes genuinely paperless and is compliant with “electronic storage of business documents” legislation.