CATProjects – Overview

When considering a project management system for any construction business there is one simple question before you get started on the search. Who is the system for? is it the people who make the money or the people who count the money, If the answer is the people “that make the money” or both then you are in the right place to find a relevant system for your business and it is definitely worth reading on.

CATProjects is purpose built for mid tier construction companies. We have system configurations for Main Contractors, Subcontractors and Client Side Project Managers. CATProjects is a comprehensive job management and business management system that will track all aspects of construction administration from documents to dollars.

CATProjects gives your team remote access from anywhere at any time without costly server infra-structure. All you need is access to the internet.

CATProjects is software as a service (SAAS) so there is no capital expenditure. It is affordable for any size of company and any size of projects, we have a plan that will suit most budgets, pay for what you use.

CATProjects has optional work streams that are suited to major projects, minor projects or service work. Most modules are optional so you can build the functionality suited to your company and the style of projects your company performs.

CATCloud Cloud based project management system

CATProjects provides the balance between traditional record keeping and the electronic age we now operate within. Have a look at this explainer video.

CATProjects uses the latest technology with some unique features that are cutting edge. For example document and email management is something you only dreamed about and is unique to CATProjects.