CATPlan – Tender Phase

Reducing the cost of tender creation is a key business saving to any construction company. CATPlan gives the main contractor the tools to increase tendering output by as much as 400% with no additional resource. CATPlan tender creation phase has been designed specifically for Main Contractors and their subcontractors and offers great functionality.

Effective Tender Creation

The key to effective on line tendering systems is a high acceptance from subcontractors as their commitment is essential to your success. CATPlan gives subcontractors fast efficient document management tools, after all they are now paying for all your printing so you can enhance their business by giving them tools to manage documents. Functionality includes: –

  • Upload Tender Documents to CategoriesSubcontractor and Contractor Tender Creation and Invitations
  • Invite Subcontractors with an Email Invitation
  • Subcontractor Documents Downloads
  • Send a Notice to Tenderers to all or many
  • Audit Trail on all Actions
  • Auto Document Transmittals and Registers
  • Subcontractor can Notify if they are not Pricing
  • No wasted time Chasing a Price from a Company¬†that is not Pricing the Job
  • Subcontract Uploads Tender Securely
  • Fantastic Range of Reports

Subcontractors can update their own contact details both globally or on a project by project basis. All tenders are invitation only, however you can add new subcontractors on the fly.