CATPlan – Set Up

The system admin module provides the tools to set up default values and scripts so that the system can be personalised to your way of doing things. Only staff with system administrator access will be able to access this module. By setting defaults once project set up time is minimised. For example you can set up: –

Personalise Company Details

  • Branding, add the global email logo and report logo
  • Set up default file structures for new projects
  • Set up security defaults for project folders
  • Add trades and design disciplines
  • Add codes if using CATProjects Estimating

Setting Up CATPlan

  • Default scripts for invitations and confirmations
  • Default scope script for individual trades / disciplines
  • Add your staff and assign their security level
  • Upload contact information for potential invitees

Setting Up Projects

To set up a project is really simple and only takes a few minutes including sending out invitations. If you are using CATProjects for job management, project set up info can be pushed through.

There are also a few functions that can be turned on or off at project level for flexibility such as: –

  • Auto Unsuccessful Tender Notifications
  • Auto Notification on Document Publish
  • Allow Consultants to Add Additional Folders
  • Add a Project Specific Logo if Relevant