CATPlan – Security

The user security levels within the CATPlan software is different for each role. Streamline your team’s communication and document management in a cloud based system designed to increase construction project security. There is a full security guide within the software which provides details of which group and level can access each page and functionality for each role.

Security Statement

CAT Software web based software design and infrastructure makes use of the most advanced and stable data security and backup technology available today. In addition to the specifics laid out below, our infrastructure is actively managed and monitored from a security standpoint.


Our servers are located in a Tier 2 Data Centre, and mirrored to a redundant Tier 1 facility. Our servers are protected by a fully managed firewall. CATPlan and CATCheckpoint reside on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux architecture and is powered by Apache and PHP with a MySQL database backend. All client data held on CATPlan’s infrastructure remains subject to Australian laws and standards.

Encrypted SSL Connection

All communication with CAT Software servers is conducted over an SSL-secured and encrypted connection, which means data transmitted to our servers cannot be intercepted by any third party. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the global standard for secured and encrypted connections between web servers and clients. This is the case both for access via a Web Browser and via a mobile device.


All CAT Software user accounts are protected by a mandatory password which is randomly generated for new users and must be changed by the user upon first login. Passwords are stored in encrypted format and hence cannot be retrieved and must be reset in the case of a forgotten password.

Backups for Project Security

All data stored on CAT Software servers is backed up nightly to offsite servers located in Melbourne, these backups are transmitted over secured connections (SSL/SSH) and are maintained in a secure environment for a minimum of 7 years. Clients also have access (fee may apply) to archived copies of data stored on our servers.