CATPlan – Maintenance Phase

Project Maintenance

CATPlan is ideal for the maintenance phase of projects whether it is the defects liability period or standalone maintenance contracts. Minimise the risk of misplaced and out of date drawings. More importantly the operations team can access documents from a mobile device so information is always available.

During the maintenance phase project staff have moved on to new projects and interest in the old one is not a focus. Updating documents often gets overlooked causing an issue for maintenance teams. In the case of standalone maintenance contracts with multiple sites CATPlan is ideal. For example if you were responsible for the maintenance of a chain of stores you could set this up as one project with multiple sites with document folders for each.

Purchase Maintenance Packages

Use CATPlan during the maintenance phase to distribute job cards to the team. Purchase a maintenance package that allows for on going document storage for all company projects. It is affordable for any size of company and there is a plan to suit most budgets.

CATPlan can be simple or complex to suit the structure of each project. Document notification can either be automatic when a new document is published or notified with a Project Notice.


CATPlan is mobile device friendly so the operations team can pull up documents on their Tablet, Surface or iPad.

Increase efficiency and give your team access to all relevant project documents instantly.