CATPlan – Design Phase

Streamline Internal Team Collaboration

The design phase functions through all other phases of the project except maintenance and consultants can share most file types with other consultants. CATPlan allows collaboration between the Design Team and provides full audit trail of all activities. It is affordable for any size of project and any size of company. So whether your projects are residential, commercial, industrial or maintenance CATPlan is an affordable and smart solution for your projects.

Personalise Document Management System

Set up folders and sub folders to suit your own way of doing things and secure folders to your own staff or the design team if required. Only with your permission can the main contractor add or modify folders. Functionality during the design phase includes:-

  • Set Up Project Branding for Easy IdentificationProject Branding for Company Personalistation
  • Set up Multiple Folders for Document Storage
  • Invite Other Consultants to Participate in the Project
  • Invite Other Consultants to Load Any Type of Document
  • Invite the Main Contractor to Participate in the Project
  • Track all Document Revisions and History
  • Auto Document Registers and Transmittals
  • Documents Downloads and Updates
  • Send and Receive a Project Notice Between Consultants
  • Audit Trail on all Actions by All Parties
  • Fantastic Range of Reports

CATPlan allows project collaboration between the Design Team and provides the Project Manager with an overview of all activity.