CATPlan – Contacts

CATPlan has a contact database that can be uploaded from an excel spreadsheet. After the initial upload all invitees can maintain their own details, add staff and nominate their primary contact on projects. This will update your records so you always have up to date information.

Each company has a primary contact that will receive all initial  project or tender invitations, this primary can be changed by the invitee company and allocated to the correct person. The primary contact for a project can be changed on a project by project basis so the relevant staff get notifications and updates.


The filter panel at the top gives the flexibility of filtering and searching by company, by role and by discipline so you can quickly locate companies within your database. When you access a company that is a subcontractor details will include: –

  • Tenders that this subcontractor is currently pricing for you
  • Construction projects that the subcontractor is included
  • Trades that this subcontractor tenders for
  • Regions that this contractor works within (if activated)
  • Number Tenders of tenders invited to price
  • Quantity of tenders that a price has been submitted
  • Number of Tenders Won –
  • Notes which can be viewed or edited at tender invite

If the contact is not a subcontractor then the “view details” will show basic information without any of the tender or projects statistics.


The “Find New Subcontractors” module allows you to find new subcontractors by trade and or area. View their details and if you like what you see, add them to your database.

Filter Search Contact Database