CATPlan – Construction Phase

The functionality within the construction phase is great and gives you the tools required to manage the  processes around document management such as the storage, retrieval, distribution, audit trail of information and tender integration. CATPlan offers great potential for improving project efficiency and providing project participants instant access to documents at any time from any location including Tablet or iPads.

Integrate with other Modules

The Construction module can be used standalone or as a follow on from the Tender Module. If you have a Tender subscription this function will be available during the construction phase for progressive trade letting. The tender functions remain private between the Main Contractor and their Subcontractors at all times.

Some of the Features Include: –

  • Set up and secure folders to suit your own way of doing things
  • Invite Consultants, the Main Contractor and Subcontractors with a good looking and personalised email invitation
  • Professionally Branded Emails and Reports
  • Review Consultant Documents Prior to Release (optional)
  • Project Specific logos can be added
  • Track and Store all Document Revisions and History
  • Auto Document Registers and Transmittals
  • Auto Revisioning of Documents with the Same Name
  • Efficient Download and Organisation of Documents
  • Send and Receive a Project Notice
  • Audit Trail on all Actions including Time Stamping

Affordable for any size of company and any size of project and it can be on a project by project basis or a monthly subscription for unlimited projects.


CATPlan can be used for the Construction Phase only or as a follow on to the Tender Phase. We think CATPlan is a no brainer as it will save big dollars in days.