Time Management

The purpose of the time management module is to capture time that has been allocated to a project for productivity management, job costing and payroll.

Perform Daily Time Management Task From Your Ipad

There is a running tally of budget versus actual both in terms of hours and dollars so that labour can be monitored and tracked against jobs and activities.

Time can be cross referenced against variations on standard jobs, plant on the yard job or job cards on service jobs. Filtering, grouping and sorting is flexible both on screen and by report.

Time sheets can be done from a mobile smart phone in addition to tablets and PC’s. The trade staff can do their time sheets daily and supervisors can approve daily.

There is a time management screen where you can filter by job, person, code, type, and date range.

Filter Search Through Your Payroll System

The time sheets create a summary for payroll so that you can either add  single line entry to payroll or electronically transfer time into your payroll system either by API or CSV upload then lock off entry for the period.

A percentage split journal for accounting is also created based on gross payroll.