System Administration

System administration is where you set up company master information such as: –

  • Cost Code Structure
  • Company Information
  • Departments
  • Branding
  • Staff and Staff Email
  • Communication Acronyms
  • Security

All module specific defaults and pick-lists can be set up in module admin for each module. Acronyms for communication can be set for: –

  • Communication to Subcontractors
  • Communication to Consultants
  • Communication to Client
  • General Communication

Customise the reminders for the dashboard of each staff role, there are approx 60 to choose from. These range from retention, plant certification, insurance expiry, diaries not done, invoices not approved, orders awaiting delivery and a whole bunch more.

We appreciate the importance of branding and have provided you the tools to set up: –

  • Formal Letterhead (formal correspondence)
  • Informal Letterhead (site forms, variations etc)
  • Email Signatures (for your email sign off)
  • Report Logos (follow on pages and external reports)
  • Catchline (on all external communication)

You get to select which fields you want to appear in the various branding formats to prepare author specific branding on all documentation.