Confirmed Projects

When a project has been won and identified as successful add important foundation information such as the practical completion dates, retention information, coding, contract information and project staff. This module includes the following functions: –

  • Project Foundations including bonds, retention, contract info, program info and insurances.
  • Project Budget
  • Project Cash flow by month original and forecast
  • Subcontractor Trade Letting including Subcontract Agreements with Electronic Signing option
  • Pre-letting Meeting Minutes
  • Schedule of Rates / BOQ setup and presentation

If the Lead Management and Estimating module are in use once a project is made successful all relevant information will flow through to project foundations and a budget will be set up based on the estimate and accepted options.

Alternatively you can start the process at project set up and enter project information manually. If an alternative estimating system is in use the budget can be imported from a csv or excel file.

Once the budget is finalised it can be locked for editing however you are still able to transfer between codes.

Trade letting functionality includes identifying the trades, subcontractors and the price. (these will flow through if CAT estimating is in use)

Send a professionally branded letter of acceptance with a subcontract agreement that is generated in seconds, where relevant a copy of the pre-letting meeting minutes, program and any other documents can be included also.

ELECTRONIC SIGNATURES (eliminate scan, upload, download, email, follow up and filing)

An electronic signature function is available to avoid time consuming follow up, reminders are sent for as long as the contract remains unsigned.and a “hold payment” shows on progress claims. This function is compliant with the electronic signature legislation in both New Zealand and Australia.

Use smart templates for personalising your letter of offer and include your own subcontract agreement.

All written communication and associated documents can be emailed directly from CATProjects and then appear in the outbox of your company email system.