Plant and Equipment Module

This module deals with the location, compliance, cost and job costing of company owned plant and equipment.

Certification is tracked and a reminder is sent to the nominated person on periods of your selection.

Certification expiry reminders are also shown on the Site Managers home page for equipment that is on their projects. The person who organises the retagging, servicing or other testing updates the certification.

All purchase orders and time can be allocated to an item of plant so that running costs can be tracked. Whether its fuel, a scheduled service or general repairs and maintenance, never lose sight of the costs without running up administration time.

Transfers of plant from one project to another can be done through the daily site diary’s or from the yard or store if you have the luxury of a storeman or plant manager.

The focus of the plant and equipment module is to strip the administration that is usually intensive for plant and equipment management but you still get the results.

plant and equipment module

Each item of plant is assigned a charge rate (or not) which charges the project the moment it is transferred to the project until it is transferred off the project. No transfer dockets or manual forms.

A great range of reports are available which show  recovery for each item, each category or for the yard / store as a whole. If relevant you can treat plant as a separate cost centre or department.