Project Operations

This module contains other operational documentation that form part of the day to day document management. This module includes pages for: –

  • Meeting Minutes
  • File Notes
  • Concrete Register
  • Completion Compliance
  • Check Sheets
  • Check Sheet Templates
  • General Communication (not project specific)
  • General Filing

project operations track your meeting minutes

Meeting minutes are progressive, create a new occurrence for each meeting and all current items transfer, hide an item once actioned.

On completion at the click of a button meeting minutes and any relevant attachments will be emailed to all attendees and absentees. Smart but simple to use.

There is a Check Sheet Builder so you can create a standard set of check sheets which can then be used on jobs and where relevant can be modified on a job by job basis without affecting the original. Check sheets can be created for Safety, QA, pre contract checks and a myriad of other things. Very flexible and a great tool.

File notes can be added on the fly which attach to a project or be not project specific. No more yellow stickies and random notes.

project operations upload files and migrate documents to new meetings

Completion compliance allows you to track and manage actions that relate to completion. Identify the action and timing phase for each item.

The Concrete register allows the recording of all concrete pours including locations, types, recipes, quantities, concrete dockets and test results.

General filing is where you can set up a file structure for each job for those additional documents that do not neatly fit into an existing category.