Incoming Communication

All your documents can be stored within CATProjects on your own dedicated virtual server. Having your own server allows for secure team/project communication and file sharing. However there is no need to set up your own remote infrastructure or to maintain more than a basic server or maybe have no server at all.

When an email, letter, document or photo is received drag it onto the CATProjects unique “Drop Zone” and a popup appears where you can add the:-

  • Sender (from list)
  • Category of Document (from list)
  • Subject in Brief

At this stage you can associate the incoming document with any communication within the system.

Because CATProjects is intuitive it will present you with the right list of documents to associate with depending on whether the sender is part of the project team and whether they are a consultant, client or contractor.

Forward received documents to others and generate an auto document transmittal for the recipient.

incoming sensitive team communication documents

This module is another example of how combining traditional record keeping with the electronic age we now operate within, gets fantastic results.

On document preview there is a choice of download, save to local, send to CATPlan or print.

Using the powerful filter panel you can find documents quickly based on flexible criteria.