Daily Site Diary

There are four styles of site diaries to choose from which range from a traditional big job diary to a diary more suited to subcontractors, maintenance works and one for civil companies that assists with plant management.

The advantage of electronic diaries is information can be shared amongst the team and does not get buried or lost. More importantly it assists project management staff that are office based stay in touch with the daily events on site which is a great tool.


Plant and equipment can be transferred through site diaries whether it is to another job or back to the yard / store. The plant transferred is immediately “off hired” and the new location is updated on the plant register and charges on the “transferred from” job cease.

Site Diaries can be done on a PC, Windows or Android Tablet and on an iPad. CATProjects site diaries are popular with supervisory staff and have proven to be quicker than a traditional manual diary.

  • Record the Weather
  • Record Delays for Time Extensions
  • Track Subcontractors On Site
  • Staff on Site Recording of Activities
  • Site Visitor Tracking
  • Safety Information
  • Plant Movement – Incoming and Outgoing
  • Faster than Manual Diaries

Site Photo’s

The site photo module allows bulk drag and drop to either gallery or list view.

Ideal for capturing mishaps such as damage and design defects. Set up a common folder structure for all jobs or modify for individual projects. Photo’s can be included with outgoing communication.