Contact Information Module

The contacts module stores your contact information for overhead, projects and staff and has a focus on “enter it once”, functionality which includes:-

  • Contacts Master
  • Project Specific Contacts
  • Staff Contact Information
  • Module Admin

Contacts Master stores all your contact information and feeds all other modules plus email and accounts. One updates they all update plus there is an excel export so this information can be used in other applications.

Project Specific contacts allows selection of contacts for projects to limit lists and minimise human error. There is an option of limiting creditors to specific projects so staff can only purchase from authorised suppliers.

Staff Contacts allows the person logged in to update their own contact information, update their password or change their electronic signature. Other staff work contact information can be viewed but not updated.

Look up contact information from your phone.

Module admin allows common pick-lists to be standardised such as:-

  • Job Titles
  • Contact Types
  • Suburbs, Cities and Post Codes
  • Performance Ratings
  • Insurance Types


Store multiple documents against any contact such as QA Plans, Safety Plans and Insurance Certificates.