Consultant Administration

The consultant administration module manages RFI’s and other written communication with consultants in a way you have only dreamed of including the tracking of time related issues.

We have closed the document loop so that your original communication including any attachments is associated with both written and verbal responses. Simply drag responses into the unique “drop zone”.

consultant administration laptop for virtual communication and project management from catcloud services

Send a group notification to one or many of the PCG team for general notifications such as meetings etc.

The powerful filter panel allows the sorting, grouping, and finding of  documents quickly.

This module is another example of how combining traditional record keeping with the electronic age we now operate within, gets great results.

This consultant administration module allows you to customise many functions to suit your way of doing things such as: –

  • Letter Templates (avoid repetition)
  • Document Acronyms
  • Pick-lists and Data Defaults

All documents are stored within CATProjects so you never need to hunt through a bunch of files, they are all stored against a relevant subject and can be retrieved quickly.

Publish documents directly to CATPlan if you want documents made available to other team members.

There are a variety of professionally branded reports which are defined by your own criteria. Its your data so you can manipulate it to suit your requirements.