Client Administration

The client module functionality includes:-

  • Written Communication (form, letter, email)
  • Variations (flexible and smart)
  • Progress Claim Set Up
  • Progress Claims that are Compliant with Relevant Legislation for many¬†Countries
  • Progress Claim Format for Schedule of Rates / BOQ
  • Invoicing (Fixed Price Stream)

Once a response is received, drag and drop it into the original communication (including variations to claims and extensive progress reports). All associated communication and documents can be cross referenced and can always be found quickly.

Where a response is verbal you can record that and associate it also. This method of document handling is robust, fast and has really good audit trail.

All variations are auto added to your progress claim regardless of status except for in progress. Margin can be added as a line item or margin can be back spread.

Progress claims are quick to prepare and flexible, they are professionally presented and compliant.

This module will increase efficiency and it has great audit trail. Personalisation of the defaults within this module includes:-

  • Communication Type and Relevant Acronyms
  • Default Wording for Variations
  • Default Variation Margins for the Project
  • Claim Title and Compliance Wording
  • Default Due Dates for Response and Invoices
  • Letter Template

An extensive range of reports are available.

choose from extensive progress report and email them to clients